Presbytery council Decisions -August -November 2016

PC064/16 Ms Anne Overton was appointed a member of the Presbytery Youth Work Group.

PC066/16 The application of Rev Rob Petterson for 26 days study leave in September 2016 was approved.

PC076/16 Rev Pauline Stewart will replace Rev Fakaofo Kaio as Commissioner to General Assembly 2016

PC077/16 Following the resignation of Rev Caleb Hardie a Presbytery Commission will be established; Mission Funds Committee –Rev Nikki Watkin be appointed to the committee; Various Communion celebrants had their authority renewed; PressGo application process –it was agreed that the Presbytery Mission fund Committee consider applications submitted for PressGo grants and make recommendations to the Presbytery Council; St Luke’s Samoan Presbyterian Church –a Presbytery Commission be established to consider their application to join the PCANZ.

PC082/16 Rev Chong Woo was granted 77 day study leave

PC83/16 The names of Mr Cunny Atchison, Rev Pauline Stewart & Rev Brett Johnstone were submitted to the Nominating Committee as our nominations for a Northern Representative to Council of Assembly.

PC084/16 Ms Robyn Marire Corrigan as Northern representative on the Board of Presbyterian Support Northern, subject to agreement by CTN.

PC086/16 It was agreed that Rev C A W Spandow would be replaced as a Commissioner to Assembly by Mrs Debbie Coombs.

PC088/16 Full civil indemnity was granted to Mr Forbes Worn in respect to matters relating to the Avondale Union Parish High Court case given that his involvement arose directly from his employment by the Northern Presbytery.

PC094/16 The Commission into the resignation of Rev Caleb Hardie was received with thanks and the commission discharged.

MWG26/16 Rev Karel Lorier has been approved to a three month, renewable, stated supply at Mairangi & Castor Bays.

MWG27/16 The three parishes in Whangarei looking to co-operate (Whangarei -St Andrew’s, Trinity Tikipunga & Onerahi- St James) will have one MSB convened by Rev Peter Bristow, with Rev Gideon Hanekom & Mr Brian Martin.

MWG28/16 The resignation of Mrs Julia Buckingham was received with regret.

MWG29/16 Rev Chung Seung Park was approved as a ‘stated supply of a transitional minister’ for North Shore Korean Church.

MWG30/16 MWG affirm the 6 month MOU between the Owairaka & Onehunga Pacific Island congregations and look to review the situation after 5 months, placing Wayne Toleafoa as facilitator of this process.

MWG31/16 Marie Ropeti’s stated supply will be extended for the 6 months the MOU cover.

MWG 32/16 Rev Alf Taylor to be Interim Moderator at Avondale Union Parish.

MWG33/16 Rev Stuart Vogel to be Interim Moderator at Taiwanese –Auckland Presbyterian Church during Rev Mark Wen’s leave in October.

MWG34/16 The MWG agreed in principle to the Transitional Ministry of Rev Daniel Park.

MWG35/16 Rev Matt Chapman was authorized as Interim Moderator of Pohutukawa Coast Presbyterian Church. He will be working there one day per week spearheading the ministry and mission as an expression of partnership between St Columba at Botany and Pohutukawa Coast.

MWG38/16 The MWG has sustained the call of Rev Sandra Warner to Knox, Morrinsville with a proposed induction date of Thursday 9th February 2017.

MWG39/16 It was approved (with delight and affirmation) that Mt Albert Presbyterian change the terms of call for Rev Tani Haunga to 100%

MWG41/16 Approved the request of the Auckland –Chinese Presbyterian Church for an MSB to be established. Rev Pauline Stewart will convene.

PFWG12/16 Support was given to the application of Newton -Pacific Islander to sell the manse at 38 Wright Rd, Point Chevalier and to purchase a replacement manse.

PFWG15/16 It was resolved that the application to alter buildings at 2-4 Tairere Cres, Papakura on land owned by Papakura First and Districts Presbyterian but currently used as a medical centre by the Papakura Christian Services Trust, be on the basis that such alterations do not involve cost to the congregation and that the land would remain unencumbered property of the PCPT.

PFWG017/16 The unconditional sale of the Balmoral Property to the Hindu Temple Authorities was approved with full settlement due end of November.

PFWG018/16 The applications to subdivide and sell the Takapuna –St George’s manse & site at 2 The Terrace and purchase a newly built townhouse on that site was strongly supported.