Presbytery Council Decisions -January -March 2016

Presbytery Council decisions:

The following decisions have been made by Presbytery Council taking Presbytery powers:

PC005/16 That the report of the Presbytery Commission in respect of smaller Korean congregations be received, that the recommendations be adopted and that the commission be thanked and discharged.

PC006/16 Management of the previous Balmoral Church property undertaken by the Northern Presbytery Property and Finance Workgroup.

PC007/16 Revs Brett Johnstone and Nikki Watkins and Mrs Isabella Tedcastle elected for a 4 year term to Presbytery Council and Rev Wayne Toleafoa, Moderator Designate.

North Shore Korean Church: Rev Warren Deason appointed IM.

Ministry Work Group –Convenorship: Resignation of Rev Marie Ropeti accepted with regret.

Rev Tino Scanlan: Granted the status of Minister Emeritus.

PC008/16 New Presbytery Youth Co-ordinator position established.

PC015/16 Mr Alex McEwing co-opted to Council as a voting member representing Northland.

PC016/16 That Presbytery Council approves the sale of the Balmoral property.

PC017/16 & PC018/16 Study leave approved for Rev Sun Mi Lee and Rev Peter Temita

PC025/16 Ruawai Co-operating congregation dissolution of CV: Rev Peter Bristow and Mr Alex McEwing are appointed Commissioners to the dissolution commission.

PC027/16 St Aidan’s Conifer Grove/Takanini Presbytery Commission: monitoring of congregation by Presbytery. Mission Plan to be developed and Mission Enabler to be employed.

PC028/16 Appointment of Mr John Kernohan to review Presbytery Central Administration.

Ministry Workgroup decisions:

MWG001/16 Ponsonby –St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church -Rev Don Hall stated supply extended to December 2016.

MWG002/16 Remuera –St Lukes Presbyterian Church –Rev Dr A Davidson appointed IM during Minister’s study leave.

MWG003/16 Greyfriars Eden Epsom Presbyterian Church –Je Cheol Cook appointed lay assistant until December 2016.

MWG004/16 Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church –to call Rev Martin Fey sustained.

MWG005/16 Clevedon Presbyterian Church –Hatch Proposal. MWG commended their effort for the Sunday evening gathering for local unchurched. MWG supports their application to PressGo.

MWG006/16 Rev Warren Deason –notice of retirement, 27 November 2016.

MWG007/16 Rev Alf Taylor –noticed of retirement, 30 June 2016.

MWG008/16 Belmont –St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church –Rev Lester Simpson IM

MWG009/16 Rev Sun Mi Lee –confirm increase to 80% FTE at New Lynn –St Austell’s Uniting Parish.

MWG010/16 Auckland Central – Symonds St, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church –Parish Review tabled and discussed. Rev Johannes Suwantika appointed as IM. Search will continue for an experienced transitional minister for the international congregation.

MWG011/16 Belmont –St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church –MSB: appointed Ian Watson, Isabella Tedcastle and one other TBA.

MWG012/16 Northcote –St Aidan’s Presbyterian Church –MSB Rev Sylvia Miller- Hardie, Rev Caleb Hardie and one other TBA.

MWG013/16 Great Barrier Island –Rev Kevin Finlay has agreed to co-ordinate Great Barrier arrangements.

MWG014/16 Taiwanese –Auckland Presbyterian Church –Notice of impending resignation of Rev Mark Wen. Rev Stuart Vogel IM and Rev Kevin Finlay as Convenor MSB.

MWG015/16 Auckland Central – Symonds St, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church –approval given for setting up of an MSB.

MWG016/16 Albany Presbyterian Church –Approval to seek IM and set up MSB.

MWG017/16 Avondale Union Parish –request for Stated Supply was not approved.

Property & Finance Workgroup decisions:

PFWG001/16 Pohutukawa Coast Presbytrian Church –the workgroup enthusiastically supports the proposed building project.

PFWG002/16 Taiwanese –Auckland Presbyterian Church –agreed to building project proceeding

PRWG004/16 Somervell Memorial Presbyterian Church –resolved that the application to carry out major repairs with estimated cost of $90,000 in 2016 and $100,000 in 2018 be supported.

PRWG005/16 Whangarei –St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church –Presbytery supports the renewing of commercial leases relative to the properties forming a part of the St Andrew’s property holdings.