Presbytery Decisions June/July 2016

MSG 22/16 That Mrs Denise Hunter (Point Chevalier) & Rev Ian Hooker (Massey) be appointed as Presbytery members for the Parish reviews.

MSG 23/16 That the Ministry Settlement Board for St Andrew’s 1st Church, Symonds Street be Rev Richard Ward (Convenor) Mark Glasgow-Palmer and Rev Mark Chapman.

MSG 24/16 That the resignation of Rev Caleb Hardie from the Mairangi and Castor Bays charge be received and suitable pastoral care and interim decisions concerning the congregation be made.

MSG 25/16 That the appointment of Rev Dr Hillary Oxford  (Church of Scotland) as 50% FTE Stated Supply minister at St Aidan’s Northcote be approved with Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly, Interim Moderator.

PFWG 009/16 That Presbytery supports the Clevedon congregation’s request to seek approval for a $50,000.00 credit facility with Baptist Savings for a maximum of up to 5 years, with the understanding that it will be only used intermittently for pre-school operations and that over 5 years the congregation will plan to make it unnecessary.

PFWG 010/16 That Presbytery supports the accessing of up to $19,000 from capital funds for the exterior (less roof) painting of the St Andrew’s Birkenhead manse.

PC045/16 That (a) a Job Description be developed for a part time, fixed term employment situation with the provisional title of Moderator’s assistant, (b) such a position to have its focus on facilitating dialogue as directed by the Moderator, (c) that appropriate legal advice on the employment issues be obtained, (d) following the drafting of the Job Description and having considered the legal advice, the draft Job Description be circulated to the Presbytery Council for comment, (e) subject to agreement by the Presbytery Council, that a job offer be made to Mr Forbes Worn based on a specified time frame and the approved Job Description, and (f) any such fixed term part time position be effective as soon after 30th June 2016 as is possible.

PC048/16 That the actions of the Presbytery Council Executive in respect of Mr Worn’s employment be ratified and the employment arrangements entered into with Mr Worn be approved.

PC051/16 That the Schedules of Record in respect of the Ruawai Co-operating Parish (which is seeking to dissolve the co-operating venture agreement) be approved and the Moderator and Clerk sign on behalf of Presbytery.

PC054/16 That Rev Brett Johnstone be appointed as Presbytery representative to the Board of the Council of Christians and Jews.

PC055/16 That the nominations from the Northern Presbytery for the national Nominating Committee be Rev Dr Stuart Lange, Rev Craig Millar, and Messrs Jeff Pelz and Alex Robinson.

PC056/16 That the applications for study leave from Rev Tom Phillips and Rev John Malcolm be approved.

PC058/16 That the recommendations of the Parish Review into St Andrew’s Birkenhead congregation be approved.

PC059/16 That the Rev Johannes Suwantika, and Messrs Cunny Atchison and John Shadbolt be appointed to facilitate a meeting involving the Sessions/Church Councils of St Andrew’s Birkenhead and St Aidan’s Northcote to explore future ministry co-operation, and report back to Council in due course.