Covid-19 Alert Level 3 – August 2020

PCANZ Compliance Director COVID letter 12 Aug 2020

Northern Presbytery Covid-19 Impact Summary Assessment

Please click on the following link for a summary of the assessment of the COVID-19 Progress Survey conducted across Northern Presbytery churches in May 2020.

Northern Presbytery Covid 19 Impact Summary Assessment

Updates and links from the PCANZ related to COVID-19

The following are important and helpful communications from the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ), Council of Assembly (CoA) regarding COVID-19

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 update 9th June 2020

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Level 1 Guidance 9 June

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Update 29 May 2020

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Update 25 May 2020

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Update 13 May 2020


PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Update 20th March 2020

PCANZ CoA COVID-19 Update – 9th March 2020

PCANZ Coronavirus Info

Approval to Use Capital Funds (Capital Rules 2020) v3.0

COVID-19 = Financial response

Opinion of BOAC on Electronic meetings during Covid -19

Wage Subsidy Template

Facebook Forum for Northern Presbytery Leaders

Northern Presbytery COVID-19 Facebook Forum