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A Unique Opportunity for your Church

The Chinese Christian church– Messiah Choir of Xita Christian Church in Shenyang, China is devoted to spreading the Gospel to the world through ballet, opera, and drama.

In 2013, the choir performed a Ballet Messiah in different churches, and also went to South Korea for a 7-day message spreading trip. Following are the links to this performance.
Ballet Messiah Part One
Ballet Messiah Part Two

In 2015, an Opera Messiah was performed in different churches. Following are links to this performance
Opera Messiah Part One
Opera Messiah Part Two

In 2017, the choir chose to perform a Drama Esther for missionary purposes. Following are links to this performance
Drama Esther Part One
Drama Esther Part Two
Drama Esther Part Three

The choir decided to sing Handel’s Messiah to spread the message at the beginning of this year, and would like to perform it in New Zealand. They plan to come to Auckland in June for 8 to 10 days, and will perform daily. The number of performers is around 35.

The visa applications fees and the flight tickets will be covered by the choir. The choir requires sponsorship for accommodation and meals. They are used to long distance missionary, so as long as the sponsoring church is happy, they are prepared to sleep in the church hall/premises.

Any income from tickets or donation will be donated to the sponsoring church or churches