Johnson Hall, St Heliers Presbyterian Church ~ Final Service & Redevelopment

johnson hallThe Johnson Hall is to be demolished -to make way for something exciting and new. St Helier’s Presbyterian will be holding a final worship service in the hall at 10.30am on Sunday 27th July. This will mark the conclusion of 75 years of service in and from the Johnson Hall and will be an occasion for thanksgiving and celebration.

On this day, St Helier’s conclude one stage of their journey and prepare to face the next.  There is an excitement about the future and a strong sense of the leading of Jesus Christ to keep on reaching out and welcoming.

Worship will conclude just prior to 12noon when lunch will be served. The meal will be informal and generous, with a programme of entertainment and recollection. St Helier’s welcome you to join them especially those who have a past association with Johnson Hall and St Helier’s Church. Please RSVP to the church by 15th July for catering purposes, thank you. Phone 09 575 6098 or email