North Pres News -1 September 2016

Large Blog ImageWelcome to spring! It looks like a beautiful day out there in the Northern region with signs of spring everywhere. This week in North Pres News -1 September 2016, there’s a few more dates to put in your diaries and some interesting events you might like to make known to those in your parishes.


We have a date for the Spring Presbytery meeting –Saturday 29th October– so pop that in your diary now and we will let you know the venue shortly.

Be encouraged to carry on your White Space Conversations this week as the next paper –“The Present Future Church” is available. The link is in the newsletter. All the papers can be found at the Moderator’s blog site at White Space conversations are a series of short papers addressing issues of life, faith, order and imagination inviting generous, open, grace-filled and robust conversations within our church.

Remember to keep the Annual Reports & Accounts coming in. Instructions in the newsletter. Thank you to those parishes who have already sent theirs.

Lastly, have a think about getting your youth along to the Combined Youth Worship Service on Sunday 18th September at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. Starting at 6.30pm, youth from all denominations around the city are gathering together for this… not just the Northern Presbytery! A great opportunity to be part of.