North Pres News -13 April 2016

The latest North Pres News -13 April 2016 cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngcontains quite a few dates to put in your calendar. We are beginning the process of Commissioning Ministers and Elders to the General Assembly to be held in Dunedin from 15th -19th November. There is a relatively short time frame involved here to complete this task. We have sent Ministers, Presbytery Elders and Session Clerks more detailed information on how this will work so please take the time to familiarized yourselves with this and don’t leave it in the “to be done” pile on your desk for too long. It needs to be sorted out by early May to meet the Assembly time frames. Call us if you need help or have a question. There is a section on our website which we will keep up to date with new information as it comes to hand.

Tonight is the Northern Presbytery Volunteers Meeting at 7.30pm at 111 Great South Rd, Greenlane. Forbes Worn is running this informative session for those interested in helping the Northern Presbytery on a Ministry Settlement Board or a Parish Review. During this informal evening you will learn what to expect if you decide to serve this way. You don’t have to be the Presbytery Elder to join in and Forbes welcomes anyone along even if you haven’t registered already -just come along tonight and join in.

We encourage you to share this newsletter with your parish. I know of some parishes who forward the news onto their elders. You might consider printing a copy for your notice board and don’t forget to include relevant events in your weekly news.