North Pres News -21 April 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou’ll find attached the latest North Pres News -21 April 2016. You’ll need to open up the full newsletter to get all the information but a few highlights include details on how to download and print out the Health & Safety booklet that many of you may have already received if you attended the Health and Safety workshops a few weeks ago. There is a link to download the booklet, the presentation notes and another for downloading policies and templates for a variety of situations. This should be helpful to parishes as you review your Health and Safety to come in line with the requirements from April 2016.

On a related theme, PYM and KIDS Friendly have teamed together to offer a Safety WOF for children and youth leaders. Find out the details in the newsletter but there is a training day in Auckland on May 7th which will be a good opportunity to get your leaders all WOF’d. This is recommended every 3 years.

There is a section in the newsletter containing updates on the General Assembly organisation so far. It is good to hear that many parishes are getting together with their “group” to discuss who they might nominate as their Commissioners to Assembly. Once your group has decided (perhaps email each other, phone each other or meet each other), please send these nominations to Presbytery by the 16th May.

Don’t forget the Regional Prayer and Healing –Pentecost Gathering on Sunday 15th May at 7pm. A great opportunity to join with others from the Presbytery for worship, encouragement, prayer and ministry. I know of some parishes who are forgoing their usual service on Sunday evening to join in this one. May God’s Holy Spirit revive us –his church- and empower us to proclaim the gospel in our city! Full details in the newsletter attached.