North Pres News -23 June 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngOne last item for this week… North Pres News -23 June 2016. Ministers & Elders should have everything they need for the upcoming Minister’s Day tomorrow and Winter Presbytery on Saturday. See you there.

We would like to encourage parishes who have not yet done so, to sign up to one of the two workshops run by the Northern Presbytery Property & Finance Workgroup regarding the responsibilities of church councils and the presbytery in the property & finance area. The details are in the newsletter. Thank you to those who have let me know you are coming along.

A follow up to the recent Pentecost –Regional Prayer & Healing Service is taking place on Sunday 24th July, 7pm. It’s called CROSSWIND and it will be a gathering to encounter Jesus Christ in worship, the gospel peached & prayer & healing. Encourage your parish to come along and join others from all over the presbytery. The last gathering was wonderful, don’t miss this next one! If you need a poster, head over here