August 14 2017      We welcome our new Presbytery rodWatts_resized.jpgExecutive Officer Dr Rod Watts

The Northern Presbytery Council is pleased to announce that Dr Rod Watts has accepted the position of Presbytery Executive Officer of Northern Presbytery.
Rod is from Melbourne, married, with three adult children, and came to New Zealand in 1996 to establish an adult rehabilitation hospital for Auckland DHB. After four years managing this new initiative he was a senior manager for the Disability Directorate, Ministry of Health, for five years.

Many of you might know Rod, for in 2006 he became Chief Executive of Presbyterian Support Northern, a role he fulfilled for just over ten years. This included three years representing Presbyterian Support New Zealand on the Board of the Council of Christian Social Services (most of this time as its President). As you would be aware, during the last ten years PSN has had a strong focus on extending its services to make a difference to many more vulnerable New Zealanders, building Rod left PSN last month and as a Christian states that ” I am in a stage in my life where I no longer want to work full time. I am, however, looking for an opportunity to still make a difference for some-thing I can believe in”.  Rod sees the mission of Presbytery to be Christ in action, making a difference to people and communities. We are looking forward to Rod’s contributions as Executive Officer, for he has considerable strengths in a number of areas, such as: developer of organisations, including structures, systems and processes; strategy development and putting plans into action; evaluation that informs how to get results; relationship development based on transparency, respect and trust, communication and engagement; and facilitation, including resolution of conflict and issues. His central focus through his career has been in the service of others.