Church Council Review of Properties

Memorandum to Parishes in the Northern Presbytery:

Property Responsibilities:

The maintenance of church owned properties in good and safe condition is increasingly important.

The Book of Order for PCANZ includes the requirement for an annual review of the state of repair of each property by the Church Council and for the Presbytery Property Committee to inspect or arrange for the inspection of all properties, which the Presbytery and Church Councils are responsible for, at intervals of not more than 6 years.

The Book of Order requirements for property reviews and for inspections are not currently being complied with by some Church Councils or by the Northern Presbytery Property Committee.

Proposed Action to be taken:

Church Councils are requested to have a review of their properties undertaken during the next 12 months and to send the result to the Presbytery Property Committee.  The review can be carried out by a person with property building and/or maintenance experience.  As the reviews are received (or at the end of the 12 month period if a review has not been received) the Property Committee will decide whether an inspection is warranted and if so arrange for that to happen. Please note that the Book of Order provides for the cost of reviews or inspections being covered by the parish.

Council Review of Properties Form:

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