Church Property Trustees Handbook

13726734_10153734334640108_534434045239155377_nThe new Church Property Trustees Handbook is available here. The Property Handbook is a comprehensive guide for parishes and presbyteries when dealing with properties. It describes the procedures required to be followed when considering property development and transactions.

It covers in detail, the processes around selling, buying and leasing property, undertaking major renovations and building projects, subdividing land, the use of capital funds, borrowing by parishes, gifting of property of funds and applying for lottery and community trust grants.

There’s also information about dealing with the property of closed congregations, about the constraints of land use that can result from heritage listings and local authority controls, about health & safety and earthquake prone buildings and about property maintenance and insurance. In order to keep the Property Handbook right up to date and relevant, the Property Trustees will not be printing it in hard copy.

Property application forms can be requested from the CPT office on (04) 381 8290 or The forms are not available on the website as the trustees want to ensure that the most up to date versions are used.