Communion Celebrants

Communion celebrants have their authority run for 2 calendar years and at expiry require renewal. The process used to achieve authorization is as follows:

  • Session/Parish Council resolves the need for communion celebrants –there is required to be a need rather than something nice to do.
  • The nominee/s study the handbook entitled “Celebrating Communion”
  • The Minister satisfies him or herself that the nominee/s are suitable for the task, and understand the theology and practice of communion within the PCANZ
  • The Minister or Session/Parish Clerk makes the request to the Presbytery Clerk that the nominee/s be authorized to administer Communion.
  • The Presbytery Clerk arranges for the request to be considered
  • Authority is either given or declined.

The authority authorizes the person for the 2 calendar years and must be renewed when Presbytery invites renewal, otherwise the authority lapses. The Session/Parish Council makes the request without the need to study etc. The authority gives the nominated person permission to conduct communion within their own parish and not elsewhere.

Current authority for Communion Celebrants runs until December 2016. Parishes who have authorities at present are being contacted regarding renewal until December 2018.

Link to Celebrating Communion ~handbook for elders authorized to lead communion services within the PCANZ or a copy may be posted on request to Northern Presbytery.