Spring Presbytery 2015

Spring PresbyteryThe recent Spring Presbytery meeting on October 31st, was also a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Ordination of Women to the Eldership and the 50th anniversary of the Ordination of Women to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament. A re-enactment of the debate of the 1961 General Assembly presentation of the report of the Committee on the Position of Women in the Church.

Thank you to all the participants and specially to Rev Nathan Pedro, PISYNOD moderator, Rev Mary Petersen, Past Moderator, Kaimai Presbytery, and the Rev Fei Taule’ale’ausumai Davis who helped it happen. Fei’s leading into the reflections brought us sharply into 2015. Also thanks to Mairi Ferguson for the research, personal recollections and presentation on the process of admission to women elders and John Schoneveld for working on the transcription of the 1961 debate.

Also the participants who so willingly took part in the drama. Andrew Norton, Martin Baker, Brett Johnstone, Nathan Pedro, Fakaofo Kaio, Mark Johnston, Doug Lendrum, Arona Tusega, John Schoneveld, Wayne Tolefoa, Jane Prichard, Taoro Taia, Robin Palmer and Gary Marquand, you made great Brethren and Fathers.

For those who want to access the files, photos scripts and historical materials from this meeting, you can access them here:


Spring Presbytery -October 2015|Women’s admission to leadership transcript; Script for dramatisation; material on women eldership beginning & copy of th report for 1961 Assembly

General Assembly_Proceedings & Report_Position of Women in the Church_1961

Blessings, Margaret-Anne Low, Moderator, Northern Presbytery