Winter Series at the Community of St Luke

Over the Winter months the Community of St Luke in Remuera is holding several workshops:

The Challenge of Jesus
The understanding of Jesus & his teaching commonly held in both the church & the wider society lags well behind the exciting perspectives being explored by contemporary historians & biblical scholars. This course draws on the work of noted historical Jesus scholar, Dr John Dominic Crossan. This course will be of interest to those wanting to gain a fresh & reliable understanding of the life & work of the remarkable man Jesus, & the legacy he bequeathed to humanity …more information on The Challenge of Jesus -Community of St Luke.

Christian Beginnings in Aotearoa, New Zealand
In 2014, the bicentenary of the beginnings Christianity in NZ will be marked. This was also the inauguration of the first European settlement in NZ resulting in a number of other important firsts …more information on Beginnings of Christianity in NZ -Community of St Luke.

Faith & Technology
Dr Stephen Garner asks, “what does it mean to be the people of God living in a world where technology is in the very air we breathe?’ What place do ancient values and practices have in a time of fast-paced change, and how are the people of faith both embracing and challenging these new technologies? …more information on Faith & Technology -Community of St Luke.

The Gospel of Thomas
Join Andrew Rockell to explore the recently discovered Gospel of Thomas. Western Zen Master Richard Baker once remarked, “had I known the Gospel of Thomas, I wouldn’t have become a Buddist”. The Gospel of Thomas is an unruly collection of early Christian wisdom sayings, comparable for their pithy and incisive observations with the magisterial wit of Zen Koans …more information on Gospel of Thomas -Community of St Luke.