Strategic Plan

Northern Presbytery Strategic Plan

Adopted 28 February 2015

VISION STATEMENT -‘Connecting to grow the church, in Christ.’

VISION –Our vision for the future of the Presbytery:

Our vision is firmly grounded in the Worship of God and the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.

Northern Presbytery has a vision of a network of healthy, vibrant, missional congregations and other ministries, that will embrace all ethnicities and make a significant and distinctive contribution to the future life of this region.

Our vision includes the encouragement of initiatives that are innovative and take mission outside the traditional congregational model.

We will engage people’s passions, build partnerships, nurture strong leadership and model collegiality for both individuals and congregations.


  • Biblical –scripture and prayer will underpin all our work
  • Passion – we make visible the energy and power of the Holy Spirit
  • Hospitality – we welcome all into the community of God’s radical grace
  • Justice – we proclaim the unconditional love of God’s shalom
  • Partnership – we inspire people to dream and work together
  • Mutual respect –we listen and learn from each other
  • Honesty – we live authentic and transparent lives, speaking the truth in love
  • Generosity – we embody God’s abundance in our giving and our living
  • Joy – we celebrate the fullness of God’s grace in every moment
  • Curiosity – We wonder openly about the things God is doing


These are the areas we will concentrate on to achieve our Vision:

  •  Healthy missional congregations
  • Strong resourced leadership
  • Forming and nurturing mission initiatives
  • A presbytery that is operationally and financially strong


These are the Strategic Goals within each Priority area:

Healthy Missional Congregations

  • Affirm and encourage congregations to build and extend their ministries into their communities
  • Encourage congregations to share resources, to plan cooperatively and revitalise mission locally

Strong resourced leadership

  • Equip our leadership for the complexities of missional church leading.
  • Support our leaders in these challenges.

Forming and nurturing mission initiatives

  • Seek out and encourage new and innovative directions for mission
  • Create spaces and inspire the next generation to innovate and lead in the church

A presbytery that is operationally and financially strong

  • Identify and utilise all resources (personnel, finances, land and buildings) to ensure maximum efficiency of the Northern Presbytery
  • Cultivate shared identity, and ways of being together that make us stronger together than apart.

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