August 14 2017      We welcome our new Presbytery rodWatts_resized.jpgExecutive Officer Dr Rod Watts

The Northern Presbytery Council is pleased to announce that Dr Rod Watts has accepted the position of Presbytery Executive Officer of Northern Presbytery.
Rod is from Melbourne, married, with three adult children, and came to New Zealand in 1996 to establish an adult rehabilitation hospital for Auckland DHB. After four years managing this new initiative he was a senior manager for the Disability Directorate, Ministry of Health, for five years.

Many of you might know Rod, for in 2006 he became Chief Executive of Presbyterian Support Northern, a role he fulfilled for just over ten years. This included three years representing Presbyterian Support New Zealand on the Board of the Council of Christian Social Services (most of this time as its President). As you would be aware, during the last ten years PSN has had a strong focus on extending its services to make a difference to many more vulnerable New Zealanders, building Rod left PSN last month and as a Christian states that ” I am in a stage in my life where I no longer want to work full time. I am, however, looking for an opportunity to still make a difference for some-thing I can believe in”.  Rod sees the mission of Presbytery to be Christ in action, making a difference to people and communities. We are looking forward to Rod’s contributions as Executive Officer, for he has considerable strengths in a number of areas, such as: developer of organisations, including structures, systems and processes; strategy development and putting plans into action; evaluation that informs how to get results; relationship development based on transparency, respect and trust, communication and engagement; and facilitation, including resolution of conflict and issues. His central focus through his career has been in the service of others.

North Pres News -15 December 2016

You will find the latest North Pres News -15 December 2016 attached. Inside, the Moderator of the Northern Presbytery, Margaret Anne Low brings her Christmas message. The Regional Youth Service calendar is out for the New Year so take a look and see if this year your youth might take part these events. Put Hunua Easter Camp in your youth diary too.

Thanks to those who sent in their Elders Commission return for the next year. If you haven’t got yours done yet, we’d love then in before the end of the year!  

North Pres News -8 December 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou will find this week’s news here north-pres-news-8-december-2016. There’s a few things coming up in the new year which may be of interest to you or to those in your parish. Make sure you take a look.

Tonight, the Presbytery meets for the Licensing of some of the 2016 graduates. We give our warmest blessings to Solomon Premkumar Rajan and So’oseamea Fa’atui both of the Northern Presbytery and also to Ieriko Afamasaga of the Pacific Island Synod and wish them the very best for the future. The meeting begins at 7pm at Ranui Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church, 35 Armada Drive.

North Pres News -24 November 2016

Large Blog Image The Pray for the City is THIS Sunday! north-pres-news-24-november-2016 Get along to Mt Eden’s Tahaki Reserve at 6pm and join a BYO picnic dinner before heading up the mountain at 7pm to pray for our city. (If it is wet then we will pray at Greyfriars from 7pm). The start of Advent seems a great time to pray “come Lord Jesus”.

Some admin that you need to make sure you have done –have you sent in your Elders Commission Form to us for next year? In order for your elder to vote at the next Presbytery meeting early next year, you will need to have them approved. So far only 13 elders are all set and ready for 2017. Download your form here and let’s see if we can get everyone sorted out before Christmas!

Take care and I hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular weather that we have been having today in the Northern Presbytery region.

North Pres News -17 November 2016

Large Blog ImageThis week is Assembly Week and many of you will be busy in Dunedin attending this gathering. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. For those back home who are interested, you’ll find a link in the north-pres-news-17-november-2016 to where you can get regular updates as the week goes on.

Just a couple of weeks until our Pray for the City event on Sunday 27th November. It is an advent prayer event organised by the presbytery Prayer & Healing Cluster Group where we will gather on Mt Eden to pray together for our city. Take a look at the advert for more details and do encourage your parish to be a part of this event. We look forward to a beautiful early summer evening with a picnic to begin and vast and lovely views of our city. If the weather is not good, we will still pray but indoors at Greyfriars instead!

North Pres News -10 November 2016

cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngThere’s a few events coming up around the presbytery this month which you will find out about in north-pres-news-10-november-2016.

The last Regional Youth Service for the year is happening on Sunday 20th November at New Lynn –St Austell’s. It has a Christmas theme. If you are young or young at heart you are welcome to join in with people from all over the presbytery.

Pray for the City… an advent prayer event: Come Lord Jesus is the last event for the year being organised by the Prayer & Ministry cluster group. Put Sunday 27th November in your diary and join others on Mt Eden for a picnic and then pray over our beautiful city.  

We wish all those traveling to General Assembly next week a safe journey.

North Pres News -3 November 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou will find the latest north-pres-news-3-november-2016 from around the Presbytery.

General Assembly is almost here. Hopefully those of you who are heading down to Dunedin have all your logistics sorted out! We wish you well as you go. The last of Five Smooth Stones (the prayer themes for Assembly) calls us to pray “God… help us to heal the world…” and on this theme, in the newsletter there is a notice about a lecture in the Maclaurin Chapel on 10th November. Peace on Earth: living with other creatures -theological & ethical reflections upon nature, technology and being fully human. One of the speakers is Dr Rod Wilson who is also a keynote speaker at Assembly. Read more about this in the newsletter.

On simply an administrative note, most of you have returned your Annual Reports & Accounts (thank you!). The next job to make sure you do is to fill out and return the Elders Commission Form for 2017. More details are in the newsletter. Thank you so much for getting onto this.


North Pres News -20 October 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngPlease find attached the latest north-pres-news-20-october-2016. The main point to note is the upcoming Spring Presbytery Meeting which will be taking place on Saturday 29th October at Remuera –Somervell Memorial Presbyterian Church, 497 Remuera Rd. Ministers & Elders should have received today the Agenda & a document regarding the Proposed Strategic Realignment of the Northern Presbytery for your consideration. If you have not received your copy for some reason, all available documents so far can be found on our website http://www.northpres.org.nz/resources/for-session-clerks-elders/spring-presbytery-2016/


North Pres News -13 October 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngWell, it’s certainly a lovely summery day out there today! You will find attached the north-pres-news-13-october-2016 from the Presbytery. A couple of things to point out especially:

The Regional Youth Service is on THIS Sunday at 6pm over at Henderson –St Andrew’s. Get your youth or young at heart along to this gathering if you get the chance. One of the best kept secrets of the Presbytery!

Session Clerks, especially for you, get your Elders Commission form for 2017 in as soon as you can… out of the way by the end of the year. There’s a link to the page on our website in the newsletter where you’ll find forms and more information.  

Keep Spring Presbytery in your diary… Saturday 29th October at Somervell Memorial Presbyterian beginning at 9am. Once further material comes to us regarding this meeting we will get it on to you.


North Pres News -6 October 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngIn the north-pres-news-6-october-2016 this week, you will see that THIS Sunday it’s the Prayer & Healing Service –Rekindling the Flame beginning at 6.30pm at Glenfield Presbyterian Church. Get together a car full and head over to a vibrant service together with others from all over the presbytery. North Shore folk, here’s your chance to join with others close to home.

We’ve posted off a bundle of prayer cards for the General Assembly called Five Smooth Stones to each of the parishes so look out for yours in the mail. If you’d like more then don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get some more to you. These are cards are an initiative by Rev Richard Dawson, Moderator-Designate reminding us to pray not only for the General Assembly but also for the church in general as we lead up to the November gathering and on into the future. There is more information about how to use the cards in the newsletter.

Finally, don’t forget Spring Presbytery on Saturday 29th October at Somervell Memorial Presbyterian in Remuera. When we have more details about this we will pass them right onto you. Keep a look out.