North Pres News -22 September 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngIn the north-pres-news-22-september-2016 this week we advise you of the venue for the upcoming Spring Presbytery meeting on Saturday 29th October. We are heading to Somervell Memorial Presbyterian Church in Remuera. More information will follow once it is available to us.

There is also a notice to draw your attention to the Free Financial Workshops being held next Monday. We apologise for the short notice with this one but we have let you know about this as soon as we found out ourselves. These are being run by the PCANZ together with Christian Savings (which was Baptist Savings). Read more in the newsletter and if you are able to make it along, you will find these informative.

Thank you to everyone who have sent in their Annual Reports, keep them coming in! If you are a Commissioner to General Assembly for the Northern Presbytery, don’t forget to get onto registration and booking flights. November is fast approaching!

Please share this news around your parishes.

North Pres News -14 September 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngIn this week’s north-pres-news-14-september-2016 there’s two special services to point out and to get the word out to your parish about. THIS SUNDAY, there is a Combined Youth Worship Service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. This is not just Northern Presbytery youth involved here, it’s youth from churches all over the Auckland region and everyone is welcome to go along. It starts at 6.30pm.

The other service is on 23rd October, 6.30pm. It’s called Rekindling the Flame and it is a Regional Prayer & Healing Service put on by our own Prayer and Healing cluster group. This time we head to the North Shore, where Glenfield Presbyterian are kindly hosting the presbytery. Everyone is very welcome. 

Please take time to look over the other items in the news and make them known amongst your parishes.

North Pres News -8 September 2016

cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngWell, I hope you are keeping warm and dry wherever you are out there. Winter is hasn’t quite left us yet! Today in north-pres-news-8-september-2016, the Prayer & Healing Cluster group invite you and your parish to the Regional Service –Rekindling the flame –Sunday 23rd October, 6.30pm. This time we are heading over the shore to Glenfield Presbyterian Church.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their Annual Reports. While it is a requirement that you send a copy to us here at presbytery, it is also inspiring, encouraging and moving for us to read the journey you have been on over this past year as a parish. Keep them coming as you prepare them for your annual meetings. Just one copy, digital or paper is fine… more details here.

The latest SPANZ magazine has some interesting articles, including some which focus on a few of our own Northern Presbytery parishes plus a feature about the upcoming General Assembly and Hope Conference. Take time to have a read. If you are a commissioner… have you registered yet? Don’t forget to encourage your parishes to take a look at what is on offer at the Hope Conference which is open to everyone.

North Pres News -1 September 2016

Large Blog ImageWelcome to spring! It looks like a beautiful day out there in the Northern region with signs of spring everywhere. This week in North Pres News -1 September 2016, there’s a few more dates to put in your diaries and some interesting events you might like to make known to those in your parishes.


We have a date for the Spring Presbytery meeting –Saturday 29th October– so pop that in your diary now and we will let you know the venue shortly.

Be encouraged to carry on your White Space Conversations this week as the next paper –“The Present Future Church” is available. The link is in the newsletter. All the papers can be found at the Moderator’s blog site at White Space conversations are a series of short papers addressing issues of life, faith, order and imagination inviting generous, open, grace-filled and robust conversations within our church.

Remember to keep the Annual Reports & Accounts coming in. Instructions in the newsletter. Thank you to those parishes who have already sent theirs.

Lastly, have a think about getting your youth along to the Combined Youth Worship Service on Sunday 18th September at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. Starting at 6.30pm, youth from all denominations around the city are gathering together for this… not just the Northern Presbytery! A great opportunity to be part of.

North Pres News -18 August 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou will find attached the latest North Pres News -18 August 2016 from the Northern Presbytery.

The Beneficiary Fund Roadshows are happening this coming week. We REALLY NEED your RSVP for this so that the venues can cater effectively for you. Send an email to me as soon as possible… by the end of Friday would be perfect. Thank you! These are important meetings for Ministers, their spouses both retired and active. Read more about the times and dates inside the news.

The Regional Youth Service is on this Sunday at Manurewa –St Paul’s Presbyterian, 217 Weymouth Rd. How about getting some of your youth along or come along yourself and see what’s happening with youth around our presbytery. The service begins at 6pm.


North Pres News -11 August 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngPlease find attached the latest North Pres News -11 August 2016. Take time to sit down and have a read. You’ll find a link to the latest White Space Conversation – #4 From planning to design, from Rt Rev Andrew Norton and several other notices of interest from around the presbytery. Thank you to those who have responded regarding which Beneficiary Fund Roadshow they will be attending. For catering we would love to know numbers so please, if you haven’t sent me an email, do that as soon as you are able, thank you. More information about venues and dates for this are in the news.


North Pres News -4 August 2016

cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-e13984799896631.jpgPlease find attached the latest North Pres News -4 August 2016. Most importantly this week is a notice that concerns Ministers especially but also is for Parish Clerks and Treasurers. It is regarding the Beneficiary Fund Roadshows. While the Northern Presbytery are not organising the content of these roadshows, we are looking after the catering for them so, to make sure we have enough food and drinks for you all, please do let us know if you are coming to one of the meetings and if you are bringing someone else. We would really appreciate this, thank you!

Take time to have a read of the news and please do pass this on to anyone that it might be helpful to. You may also like to check that your office bearers are receiving these updates from the Northern Presbytery. We send North Pres News out to Ministers, Presbytery Elders and Session Clerks usually each week but occasionally emails turn bad or misbehave and these people are not receiving the information they should. Have a check that all your people are still getting the information they need and update me if it is required.


North Pres News -28 July 2016

Large Blog ImageThank you to those who came along to the CROSSWIND –prayer & healing service on Sunday night and thank you to St Peter’s Presbyterian Church for hosting the event. Look out for the next one and be sure to join in.

A longer edition of North Pres News -28 July 2016 this week as we include the Presbytery Decisions from June/ July 2016. These are the decisions made by Ministry Workgroup (MSG), Property & Finance workgroup (PFWG) and the Presbytery Council (PC). These are also available anytime on our website under “Council”.

Take time to look in the news. There’s some interesting events happening around the presbytery you may wish to make known to others in your parish and don’t forget to let us know if you  have something others in the presbytery might be interested in being involved in.

North Pres News -21 July 2016

cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou will find attached North Pres News -21 July 2016. Of special note is that THIS Sunday, 24th July we have CROSSWIND –a gathering to encounter Jesus Christ in worship, the gospel preached & prayer & healing. We would like to encourage you all to join together with others from the presbytery for this service. Come along to St Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Mt Wellington for 7pm.

Thank you to all who turned out last week for the Property & Finance workshops run by the presbytery. In North Pres News you will find a link for the latest news from the Church Property Trustees and for the NEW Property Handbook. This is an important guide for parishes when dealing with property issues all the way from selling and buying through to health & safety, earthquake prone buildings and insurance issues.

North Pres News -7 July 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngIn North Pres News -7 July 2016 there’s a reminder that the Property & Finance Workshops are coming up next Wednesday and Thursday. An RSVP (just for catering purposes) would be appreciated but not essential. The most important thing is that people from your parish come along to find out the responsibilities of church councils and presbytery in this area. You have a north and south option so you are welcome at either one, whichever is most convenient. Thank you to those parishes who have replied and are sending people along. Wonderful!

This Sunday, how about getting your youth along to the Regional Youth Service, this month it’s in the city at St Andrew’ First Presbyterian Church in Symonds St? The theme this time is celebrating GOODNESS.

In a couple of weeks we have CROSSWIND –Regional Prayer & Healing Servicea gathering to encounter Jesus Christ in worship, the gospel preached & prayer and healing. That’s Sunday 24th July. Get a group together… see you there!

Lastly, a note about the Free Video Based teachings available from Laidlaw College advertised last week. Those who took a look might have noted that you needed a password. Just use “laidlaw”. My apologies, it slipped out of the text box during editing.