Hunua Easter Camp 2016!

12309886_10153847240287853_76338435339454040_oBefore you know it Easter will be here again. The Northern Presbytery is responsible for overseeing the running of the Hunua Easter Camp at the Hunua Presbyterian Campsite. It is time to start planning to get your youth along this year! The camp is for year 6 -10 kids at school.

The camp provides a fun weekend full of games, activities, food, and chapel sessions with a speaker, worship band and small groups. It also provides training opportunities for leaders (year 11 and above) to get practical experience learning servant leadership and to deepen their Christian faith.

Hunua is a great way of bonding as a youth group, making new friends and joining both regionally and across denominations with other churches.

Head over to and find out more about this and how to register.

Hunua Easter Camp

upside down kingdom

Hunua Easter Camp is in full swing again for 2015! The theme is ‘Upside Down Kingdom’ and is taking place at the Hunua Falls Campsite. This camp is for youth from year 7 – 9. A great bunch of leaders from the Northern Presbytery just got together for training last weekend and they are excited and ready to spend the Easter break with your kids! This is a smaller more traditional Easter Camp. Please encourage your youth to come along. Even if they don’t know anyone else when they arrive, they will have a whole bunch of new friends by the time the weekend is over. As well as sport, worship, activities and a beautiful setting, we have our own Gordon Fitch coming to speak and inspire the youth.

Take a look at the promo video and head over to here to register now.