Our Mission

By working together we are committed to being a network of churches and ministry enterprises that reflect the gospel of Christ.

Our Churches and Ministries are vibrant, life- giving, growing and making disciples, culturally adapted to their settings and reaching across generations and ethnicity.

Our Communities gather to worship, hear from God, love and support each other, and encourage each other in Christian service and witness.

Our churches are renowned for hospitality and generosity, deeply committed to justice and transformation through God’s saving grace, sharing Christ in attitude, deed and word in wider society.

We are innovative and imaginative, connecting authentically with children and young people, and reframing the one gospel in many and varied ways in our worship and life. We are establishing new initiatives giving fresh expression to the gospel is a core feature of our network.

Northern Presbytery Mission Enablement collects resources that help churches think missionally and become a missional church

Northern Presbytery Church is available for conversations and coaching on developing your church’s Mission Plan

Northern Presbytery Mission Fund Committee (MFC) provides resources for church’s to develop mission in their community