North Pres News -3 November 2016

cropped-cropped-Rangitoto-Flower-546406ad_site_icon2.pngYou will find the latest north-pres-news-3-november-2016 from around the Presbytery.

General Assembly is almost here. Hopefully those of you who are heading down to Dunedin have all your logistics sorted out! We wish you well as you go. The last of Five Smooth Stones (the prayer themes for Assembly) calls us to pray “God… help us to heal the world…” and on this theme, in the newsletter there is a notice about a lecture in the Maclaurin Chapel on 10th November. Peace on Earth: living with other creatures -theological & ethical reflections upon nature, technology and being fully human. One of the speakers is Dr Rod Wilson who is also a keynote speaker at Assembly. Read more about this in the newsletter.

On simply an administrative note, most of you have returned your Annual Reports & Accounts (thank you!). The next job to make sure you do is to fill out and return the Elders Commission Form for 2017. More details are in the newsletter. Thank you so much for getting onto this.