Our Structure


Regional Convenors

Workgroup Convenors


Executive Officer

Office Team

Presbytery Council

  • Appoints and oversees workgroups
  • Formulates strategic direction and holds an overview of mission and ministries
  • Develops policy according to what is allowed within its authority from the PCANZ
  • Receives and decides on matters reported to it from the Executive Officer, Workgroups, Regions and Commissions, plus any other business referred to it
  • Oversees and supports the Executive Officer


Regions meet 5 times a year, every 2nd month from March to November and:

  • Elect two co-convenors every two years (one Minister and one Elder)
  • Appoint Ministry Settlement Boards when required
  • Approve a call to a Minister, or approve Ministers for stated supply
  • Agree to and induct a Minister into a church
  • conduct ordination of a Minister when they have completed their training
  • Promote collegial relationships and collaborations across churches in the region
  • Appoint a Presbytery Clerk for the recording of presbytery meetings.


  • Candidates Workgroup: helps potential ministry candidates discern their call
  • Conflict Advisory Workgroup: supports resolution of issues, concerns and complaints raised by following due process, including pastoral care, mediation, commissions
  • Learning and Development Workgroup: promotes and coordinates leader learning and development; oversees supervision of Ministers and study leave
  • Mission Fund Committee: allocates funds to churches to progress mission through an application and assessment process
  • Property & Finance Workgroup: supports the Presbytery Treasurer in budget setting and reporting; assist churches progress significant property refurbishment and/or developments
  • Youth Forum: leads and coordinates the building of communities of faith among young people across the Presbytery.